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Monday, December 19, 2016

10 Reports In 2016 From Florida To MUFON Include "Aliens"

I just did the same search for California...and came up with 34 reports (seems similar population wise I guess)... like California..some of these include pictures, videos or drawings of the encounter. And, of course, some don't. IF these are like California - these will be reports of an extreme nature with little to no proof and only imagination in the photographs. I won't feature them all but let's begin with the reports WITH Pictures...and compare the pics to the description occasionally.

2016 Florida Alien Reports To MUFON

A dozy of a report from N. Cocoa of multiple aliens hanging out in the yard during the daytime...missing time...and more. No proof submitted.
This UFO is always hovering outside in Lake Mary Florida and when it comes close it looks like a white blue triangle with hologram tips....yes, 5 pictures were's one
Moving On
In this Pensacola report - with no proof, "people" are communicating within his Brain - wonders if MUFON can help.
Here's an exciting report from Deltona - submitted in August after a June experience... 
"Two large, hairless entities appeared walking towards the witness on a park trail in the woods, and the witness filmed them, then ran."
this report is so good...I show it in it's entirety below
here's the MUFON Link to the same report:
Guys, I have always been a magnet to sightings and the supernatural. This one was filmed and even shows the alien move and cloak at the same time. I ran then. I had more experiences with the kind that have hair like the ones in the same picture. Before I went to this spot to get exercise that my DR ordered due to my disabilities worsening, I felt like something was drawing me to go there. It is hard to explain. I have a lot of film that is really good and shows at least five beings. I have been followed ever since and I don't know what to do. Before I found this place in the woods there was a lot of strange happenings in my house and my family members had encounters themselves. My daughter has told me of the classic abduction scenario. She said a skinny, grey, naked person touched her head with a stick when her mommy was holding her outside. My father and I then had a class A encounter with a being in the house. It was fat and short and had a sort of hooded cape.This guy was definitely malevolent.The ones in this picture are benevolent. If they wanted to hurt me they could have. All I can say is we are not alone and I believe these beings are inter-dimensional. I truly feel like I am in an episode of the X files. I hope someone will help answer my main question... Has anyone seen the hairless being before?
Such a shame those aliens are always hiding behind trees...etc.
This Apopka, Florida report was submitted in August:
"4 Bright lights in sky over my house. Each one has two or three pig faces coming out of the worm hole portal star gate"
Another Flipped Out Account From Florida - got some doppelgangers in this report. Along with this Screen Capture That Later Vanished According To The Report oh, this person says 200 items have vanished from their home too.
And, we will finish with that alien in the living room - that instantly vanishes.
Thanks for being inquisitive!

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